... to develop a critical mass of public sector managers for the efficient management of the national economy through high quality training and research ...

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The National Centre for Economic Management and Administration (N.C.E.M.A) is a training and policy research institute established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in May 1986 as parastatal under the then Federal Ministry of Planning and Budget, now called the National Planning Commission. The existence of the Centre was formalized with the promulgation of Decree 51 of 1989 by the Federal Government. 


The primary mandate of the Centre is to provide in-service or post-experience training for economic planners, budget officers, policy advisers and project managers on a continuous basis so that, at each point in time, each ministry or agency at the federal, state and local government levels and even the private sector would be equipped with a core of officers who have the requisite technical and managerial skills for effective planning and budgeting.

The training is also to provide a good understanding of the policies of government as well as the framework for their design and the capacity to monitor  the implementation of policies and projects so as to enhance the quality of economic management. The training is provided through short in-service courses such as training programmes, workshops and seminars.

Apart from providing short courses, the Centre also undertakes policy research and provides consultancy services in national economic management.  The research activities are geared towards enhancing the quality of the Centre's training programmes, workshops and seminars, and providing direct inputs into public policy formulation and management.

Prior to the establishment of the Centre, the training of Nigerian public officers in economic management was undertaken in overseas institutions, one of which is the Economic Development Institute (EDI) of the World Bank, Washington, D.C. In order to domesticate the training, the EDI was very much instrumental to the take-off of the NCEMA as it provided resource persons and heavy logistic support for the first set of training programmes delivered by the Centre.



| About N.C.E.M.A. | Training Activities | Research | Publications | News & Information |


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