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Computer Applications in Economic Management

Overview of national economic management in Nigeria

Quantitative policy instruments for NEM

Data and national economic management

Management information system for effective NEM

Application of relevant computer packages in economic management

Advanced computer packages for economic model building, simulation and projection



Public Sector Management Strategies and Policies

Evolution of the state/role of the state

Public sector's role in national economic management

Public Sector management strategies: development plans and annual budgets

Instruments and techniques for managing the national economy

Managing development: modern-day strategies and policies

Towards accelerated national development: fostering public-private cooperation in economic development.



Policy Issues on the Nigerian Economy

Overview of the Nigerian economy

Financial sector and resolution options

Monetary and fiscal policy management and Central Bank autonomy

Issues in the privatization and commercialization policy of the government

Policy coordination



Advanced Course on Project Analysis and Evaluation  

Overview of project and development plans

The phases of the project cycle

Principles and techniques of project design

Elements of project analysis and evaluation

Computer software packages for project and analysis and management

Project implementation, monitoring and control.

Project management  



Research Methods, Survey Methodology and Data Management

Research process

Research methods and design

Survey instrument design

Data analysis and management techniques

Computer software for research and data management  



Computer Applications in Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management

Accounting and financial management: principles, processes, and practice

Elements of accounting information system (AIS) and procedures for computerization

Computer software for accounting, auditing and financial management

Auditing techniques and procedures in computerized accounting information system.



Project Management

A review of elements of the project cycle

Elements of project and programme management

Institutional and organizational framework for project management

Constraints on project management in Nigeria

Policy issues in project management



Public and Private Sector Roles in Economic Development

Concept, dimensions and public-private sector roles in economic development

Evolution of development management in Nigeria: Issues and cases

Strategies for functionally effective public and private sector cooperation in Nigeria

Vision 2010 and challenges to the public and private sectors.



Computer Application in Project Analysis & Evaluation  

Overview of development project management in Nigeria

Basic elements in project analysis and evaluation

Quantitative techniques and methods for project analysis and evaluation

Design of management information system for project analysis and evaluation

Application of relevant software: project analysis monitoring and evaluation



Women in Economic Development

Women's participation and role in development process

Nigerian family structure, macroeconomic policy and their effects on the role of women in development

Women and the development of agricultural and industrial sectors

Women in planning and management of the social sector

Barriers to effective participation of women in development

Strategies for improving the role of women in development



Advanced Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector Organizations

              Sources and administration of government finances

              Principles and standards for public sector accounting, auditing and financial management

              Financial control system

              Taxation and tax reforms in Nigeria

              Auditing and auditors reports: techniques and procedures

              Computer applications in accounting and auditing

              Issues and problems in financial management practices in Nigeria


Computer Appreciation and Management Information System

              Appreciation of computer capabilities

              Introduction to microcomputing: key boards, disk operation system (DOS) and MS Windows.

              Management information systems (MIS)

              Introductory D-Base applications

              Application of relevant packages in word processing and report production.


Recent Developments in Econometric Research, Modelling & Policy Analysis

              Econometric modelling techniques and tools

              Macroeconomic modelling and application

              Input-output models and applications

              Computable general equilibrium model and applications

              Developments in econometric research - time series techniques cointegration theory and error cointegration models

              Econometric and research software for policy design and management

              Issues and problems in econometric research and modelling for policy analysis.


Economic Management and the Environment

              Economics and the environment: the link

              Global environmental policy agenda

              Environmental issues in Nigeria

              Institutional framework for managing the environment

              Blue/green and brown sectors of the environment

              Valuation techniques of environmental impacts of development projects

              Managing environmental problems in Nigeria


Management of Decentralized Development                       

              Decentralization and development

              Project and programme planning and management

              Community participation in development process

              Monitoring and evaluation of decentralized projects and programmes

              Plan-budget coordination for sustainable projects and programmes

              Monitoring and evaluation of decentalized projects and programmes

              Issues in decentalized development


Planning and Management of Petroleum and Energy Resources                                                                               

              Overview of the Nigerian economy, and developments in the petroleum and energy sector

              Analytical tools, techniques and methods for petroleum and energy planning and management

              Analysis and evaluation of energy and petroleum projects

              Issues in petroleum and energy policy planning and management

              Emerging mechanisms and strategies for achieving effective management of petroleum and energy resources.


Additional Sources of Revenue for Federal, State and Local Government

              Trend in government revenue, statutory allocation of revenue and tax powers in Nigeria

              Institutional framework for revenue mobilization and management

              Potential areas of additional sources of revenue for Federal, state and local government and taxable capacity.


Development Planning: Framework, Design and Techniques

              Review of Nigerian planning experience

              Approaches to planning

              Macroeconomic framework for development planning

              Institutional framework for planning in Nigeria

              Techniques of planning

              Policy issues in planning


Public Expenditure Programming and Management

              The role of the public sector in National development

              Measurement and dimensions of public expenditure

              Macroeconomic framework for public expenditure programming and management

              Planning the public sector investment programmes

              Budgeting and accounting principles and practice

              Reforms and policy issues in public expenditure programming and management


Management of External Development Assistance

              Elements of aid flows to Nigeria

              Basic principles of aid policy

              Negotiation for foreign resources/external assistance

              Aid programming and management

              Assessment of aid effectiveness

              Aid coordination

              Nigeria's economic reforms, aid flows and the vulnerable group


Induction Course on Planning and Budgeting

              The role of the plan and budget in national development

              Macroeconomic framework for planning and budgeting

              Institutional framework for planning and budgeting in Nigeria

              Planning and budgeting process, principles, tools and techniques

              Computer applications to planning and budgeting


Management of Rural Development Programmes

              Overview of Nigeria's rural economy: status, problems and potentials

              Needs and priorities of Nigeria's rural areas

              Evaluation of performance of rural development programmes in Nigeria

              Strategies for coordinating rural development programmes in Nigeria


Basic Economics for Public and Private Sector Officers

              Basic analytical concepts

              Tools of theoretical and statistical analysis

              Understanding an economic system

              Framework for economic behaviour analysis

              Concept and applications of price theory

              Elements of macroeconomic analysis

              Policy issues in national economic management


Macroeconometric Modelling

              Review of basic statistics and mathematics

              Concepts, tools and techniques in econometrics

              Macroeconometric model building, estimation and output analysis

              Short-run macroeconometric models of the Nigerian economy

              Computer application to macroeconometric modelling


Management Information System and Data Management

              Appreciation of computer capabilities

              Introduction to microcomputing: keyboards, disk operating system (Dos) and MS Windows

              Management information systems

              Introductory D-base applications

              Application of relevant software packages in report production


Corporate Planning and Strategic Management

              Strategic thinking process and procedure

              Strategic planning and management in corporate planning

              Dimensions of corporate planning

              Corporate environmental analysis

              Resource management

              Programme management

              Strategy formulation and conflict management


Policy Issues and Planning in the Industrial Sector

              Review of the Nigerian economy

              Government industrial policy

              Industrial project planning and management

              Computer application

              Financing industrial projects

              Strategies for sustainable industrial development


Microcomputing and Office Management

              Fundamentals of office management

              Introduction to microcomputing

              Office support systems

              Applications of relevant computer packages in office management


Computer-Based Project Implementation and Monitoring

              Project dynamics

              Managing project implementation

              Tools and techniques for project implementation and monitoring

              Project management information system

              Computer applications in project implementation and monitoring


Advanced Course on Training Methods for In-Service Training

              Overview of training

              Strategies for identifying core skills and training needs of staff

              Elements of personnel management

              Objectives and strategies of in-service training

              Manpower and career planning

              Preparation and conduct of training sessions

              Training records and management information system.

              Training programme evaluation


Data Generation and Management for Efficient Economic Planning

              Importance, types and sources of data for planning

              Techniques of data collection

              Data processing, storage, presentation, dissemination and management

              The Nigerian statistical system


Integration of Poverty Alleviation Strategies into the Plans and programmes of Nigeria

              Overview of Nigeria's economic environment, development policy strategy and poverty level.

              Concept and dimensions of poverty and survey of poverty alleviation approaches.

              Nature, dimensions and status of poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria

              Design and management of poverty alleviation projects and programmes.

              Issues and cases in the implementation of poverty alleviation projects in Nigeria


Macroeconomics for Public Sector Managers

              Introduction to macroeconomic accounts

              Review of qualitative methods for macroeconomic Analysis

              Review of macroeconomic and growth theories

              Macroeconomic models for policy planning in the less developed countries

              Computer applications and simulations

              Macroeconomic policy issues


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