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Commissioned Studies
Some of the commissioned studies so far undertaken by the Centre are highlighted in this section as follows:
  • Conduct of Training Needs and Impact Assessment Surveys sponsored by the UNDP, 1995.
  • Study on Community Vision of Development, sponsored by the UNDP. Nine States of the Federation were covered in the study in 1996.
  • Study on Macroeconomic Framework for Vision 2010, sponsored by UNDP in 1997.
  • Study on Costing Planned Programmes and Targets of Vision 2010 Committee Reports, Sponsored by the UNDP in 1997.
  • Study on Situation Analysis of Women and Children in South Western States of Nigeria, Sponsored by UNICEF in 1999.
  • Study on Capacity Building and Utilization in the Public Sector, sponsored by the World Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria, 1999.
The Centre is currently working on four research projects sponsored by the African Capacity Building Foundation. The topics of the research are:
  • Economic Impact of Privatization in Nigeria;
  • Intersectoral Linkages and Economic Development in Nigeria;
  • The Political Economy of the National Minimum Wage; and
  • Nigeria's Trade Prospects within the Framework of the World Trade Organization.


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