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This page contains the list of ongoing programmes N.C.E.M.A. 

The page is tabulated to give at a glance information pertinent to each listed course or programme. Each entry will contain a hyperlink/jump to information such as course timetable and information contained in the course brochure. The information on this page is dynamic, which makes it a good candidate for automation. A database of all courses and programmes for each running year is maintained and the information for this page can be extracted from the database, based on calendar date.  See table below for sample format.

S/N Course Target Group Duration Delivery Date Course Fee Venue

2003 / 001

National Policy Seminar on the Year 2003 Federal Budget Top Government Functionaries, Bankers, Stock Market Operators, Business Executives and Researchers, Diplomatic Officials, NGOs, etc. One day Mid January Tuition-Free (Cosponsored by NCEMA, CBN, & NES) Lagos
2003 / 002 Word Processing and Graphics for Document Presentation Introduction to Microcomputing Research Officers, Planning Officers, Personal Assistants, Top-level Secretaries, Chief Typistsand Admin. Officers

3 weeks

(3 runs)

MarMar. 31-Apr. 18July 14 - Aug. 1Nov. 17 - Dec. 5 6th - 24th


NCEMA Ibadan

2003 / 003

Plan and Budget Monitoring and Evaluation Planning, Budget, Finance and Project Officers on HAPSS/GL 08 and above

2 weeks

April 7 - 18, Mar 20th - 31st


NCEMA Ibadan

2003 / 004

Training Methods for In-service Training Senior Training Officers, Personnel Officers in the Public Sector and Human Resource Development Managers in the Private Sector

1 week 

April 14 - 18


NCEMA Ibadan

2003 / 005

Modern Management Strategies and Practices

Public Officers on HAPSS/GL 09 and above, and their counterparts in the private sector

2 weeks

April 21 - May 2

$500 NCEMA Ibadan

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