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A. Collaboration with other departments and agencies of government in Nigeria.
NCEMA interacts extensively with a number of ministries and agencies at the federal and state government levels as well as their parastatals. Besides regular nomination of participants to NCEMA programmes, experienced government functionaries are invited from these organisations, as resource persons for the delivery of the training courses and for conducting joint research activities. In turn, officers from the Centre are also invited occasionally to participate as resource persons in their own activities. Some of the organisations with which the Centre has had extensive interaction are:
National Planning Commission
Most departments of the Commission often request for customized training programmes for the development of specialized skills to improve the job performance of their staff. Some of the programmes delivered in the past in collaboration with the commission include:
  • Training Programme on Microcomputing for Economic Policy Analysis and Planning for the Plans, Budget and Projects Department, 1995
  • Training Programme on Microcomputing for Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Planning, 1994
  • Computer Application in Data and Word Processing - SITTDEC Staff, NPC
  • International Seminar on Policies for Export Growth and Development, 1994
  • Workshop on Report Writing, 1998.
Federal Ministry of Finance
Two major programmes have been designed and delivered to budget officers nationwide on behalf of by the Federal Ministry of Finance. These are:
  • Computer Application in Budgeting and Financial Management, 1997, 1998 & 1999
  • Budgeting and Financial Management for Budget Officers in the Federal Civil Service, 1995, 1997, 1998 & 1999.
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
The CBN remains a major source of participation in the Centre's programmes. Moreover, the Central Bank of Nigeria has collaborated with the Centre in the delivery of a number of programmes, some of which are:
  • National Policy Seminar on the Federal Government Budget. The Apex Bank has established a collaborative programme with the Centre for the delivery of an annual one-day policy seminar on the federal budget since 1995. In the seminar, private and public sector managers are brought together to analyse and evaluate the potentials of the budget for attaining the specified macro and sectoral goals.
  • Training Programme on Macroeconometric Modelling with Computer Applications: 1993 and 1994.
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
The following courses were mounted for the staff of NNPC:
  • Project Analysis and Evaluation, 1994.
  • Strategic Planning and Management, August, 1998.
National Assembly
The Centre, in response to the demand of the National Assembly, also delivered the following courses in 1998:
  • National Economic Management Course.
  • Research Methodology for Legislative Planning, Research and Statistics Officers.
Office of Establishments and Management Services (OEMS)
In collaboration with th OEMS, the Centre delivered a Workshop on Revenue Mobilization and Management for State Commissioners of Finance, Directors-General and Directors of Internal Revenue in 1994.
State Governments
In 1996, the Centre designed and delivered a specialized workshop on Planning Processes and Project Management for Directors of Planning, Research and Statistics in Lagos State.
B. Cooperation and Linkages with International Agencies
Although the Centre has continued to receive regular funding from the federal government, it had, at various times, received tremendous technical assistance and grants from international donor agencies.
To date, the Centre has been supported by the following international agencies:
(i) The Economic Development Institute (EDI) of the World Bank (which provided Training Materials and Resource Persons for the Centre's inaugural workshops).
(ii) The World Bank (i.e., in the context of Economic Management and Technical Assistance Project and Fellowship Programme for Professional Staff)
iii) The United Nations Development Programme (which provided funds for institution-building programmes and training programme delivery)
(iv) The Ford Foundation (which provided funds for training and research)
(v) The African Capacity Building Foundation (which has been funding the Centre's institution-building programmes, training, research and publications)
(vi) International Center for Economic Growth (which gave training Materials and Institutional collaboration)
(vii) Friedreich Ebert Foundation (with which we collaborate occassionally).
The technical assistance programmes, particularly those sponsored by the UNDP, the World Bank and the ACBF, have enhanced the Centre's ability to compete for and secure consultancy jobs from several organisations.
In the area of linkages, the Centre has had collaborative arrangements with the following institutions:
(i) Development and Project Planning Centre (DPPC), University of Bradford, U.K.
(ii) The Open University, U.K.
(iii) The Food Study Group, Oxford University, U.K.
(iv) The Commonwealth of Learning, Canada
(v) International Centre for Economic Growth (ICEG), California
(vi) West African Institute for Economic and Financial Management (WAIFEM), Nigeria
The Centre is also a member of professional organizations such as the Nigerian Economic Society, West African Management Development Institutes Network (WAMDEVIN) and Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA).


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