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Issues in the Federal Government Budget

     Review of the performance of previous budget

     Background information and policy underpinning of the current budget

     Options for successful implementation of the budget (panel discussion)



Introduction to Micro computing

     Role of the computer in information management and decision making

     Introduction to computer systems and operation

     Introduction to operating systems: MS DOS and Microsoft Windows

     Operation of some computer packages

     Computer graphics in data and report presentation  

     Computerization of operations: Issues and challenges  



Plan and Budget Monitoring and Evaluation

      Concept and roles of planning and budgeting in development

      Overview of planning and budgeting experience in Nigeria  

      Performance indicators for plans and budgets

      Concepts, objectives, strategies, techniques, and framework for monitoring of plans and budgets

      Case studies on plan/budget monitoring and evaluation

      Computer applications in monitoring and evaluation of plans and budgets



Training Methods for In-service Training

      Role of post-experience training in skills development

      Training: Concepts and processes  

      Assessment of training needs

      Principles, methods and techniques of training programme design and delivery

      Evaluation and assessment of training  



Word Processing and Graphics for Report Writing

      Elements of and requirements for report writing  

      Word processing: Theory and practice

      Report processing using computer software

      Report production, graphics integration, and presentation

      Desktop publishing



Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Management I: Concepts, Tools  and Techniques

      Basic concepts in macroeconomics

      Review of macroeconomic theory and framework

      Analytical and institutional framework for macroeconomic policy design, analysis and management  

      Quantitative tools and techniques for macroeconomic policy analysis

      Introductory microcomputing for policy design and analysis

      Time series analysis and elements of recent Econometric techniques

      Macroeconomic modelling: process of model building, estimation, and output analysis.  

      Input-output and computable general equilibrium models



Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Management II: Applications and Cases

      Overview of the Nigerian economy

      Concepts and framework for national economic management  

      Dimensions of macroeconomic policies

      Institutional framework for national economic management

      Issues and cases in macroeconomic policy formulation and implementation process.

      Computer application in policy analysis  



Basic Course in Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management

      Basic accounting, auditing and financial management

      Budgetary and financial control

      Accounting information system

      Auditing techniques and procedures

      Introduction to microcomputing and spreadsheet packages

      Issues and problems in accounting, auditing and financial management



Basic Course in Project and Investment Planning, Analysis and Appraisal

      Overview of project and investment planning and management in Nigeria

      Concept of project and project cycle

      Principles of project and investment design

      Basic tools and techniques of project planning

      Project and investment analysis and appraisal

      Computer applications in project and investment planning and analysis



Tax Management and Income Generation Strategies

      Trends and structure of government revenue, and tax powers in Nigeria

      Institutional framework for tax administration in Nigeria  

      Dimensions of current tax reforms and income generation strategies in 


      Taxable capacities and other potential sources of revenue for federal, state and local governments  

      Policy issues in revenue mobilization and management  



Micro computing and Statistical Analysis for Planners, Budget Officers and Statisticians

      Framework for planning, budgeting and policy analysis

      Quantitative techniques and methods for analysis of socio-economic data  

      Introduction to micro computing  

      Computer packages for statistical analysis with applications in planning, budgeting and policy analysis  

      Investment programming  




Foreign Exchange Market Analysis and Management

      Foreign exchange market concepts and exchange rate arrangements  

      Exchange rate policy: design and management  

      Institutional framework for foreign exchange management  

      Exchange rate policy issues  

      Strategies for effective foreign exchange market operation




Target Setting and Performance Measurement for Public & Private Sector Organizations

       Management and organizational effectiveness  

       Elements of workload measurement and performance indices  

       Framework for target setting, performance measurement and monitoring  

       Design of management information system and use of organisational data in monitoring and evaluating performance

       Computer applications in performance measurements  

       Motivation and performance improvement.  




Procurement of Goods and Services for Development Projects

      Overview of the project cycle  

      Concept and types of procurement  

      Procurement for development projects  

      Procurement procedures, policies and guidelines  

      Ethics and politics of procurement 



Policy Issues and Planning in the Agricultural Sector

      Macroeconomic policy framework and agricultural productivity  

      Policy reform: assessment and implications for the growth of the agricultural sector  

      Problems and prospects of the Nigerian agricultural Sector  

      Reshaping the future of the agricultural sector  



DPRS Directors Conference

      Topical issues on the management of the Nigerian economy are addressed, especially in relation to 

            planning, research and statistics



Sectoral Policy Analysis and Management

     Sectoral policies and development strategies in the context of overall macroeconomic policy framework

     Nature and dimensions of sectoral policy and institutional reforms

     Determinants and measurement of sectoral performance

     Analytical framework for sectoral policy design

     Analysis of sectoral performance and intersectoral linkage

     Management of sectoral policies and programmes



Restructuring and Privatization of Public Enterprises

     Historical antecedents of public enterprises  

     Factors affecting the performance of public enterprises

     Policy reforms and restructuring strategies

     Designing and implementing privatization programme

     Consequences of privatization (post performance analysis of reformed public enterprises)



Budgeting for Efficient Economic Management

     The budget as a tool of economic management: the Nigerian experience.

     Macroeconomic and institutional frameworks for budgeting in Nigeria

     Data and other prerequisites for budgeting

     Budgeting process, techniques and tools

     Computer application in budgeting

     Policy issues and socio-political factors in budgeting



Planning and Management of Social Services and Infrastructure

     Infrastructure, social services and economic growth

     The state of the social services and infrastructural sector in Nigeria

     Provision and maintenance of social services and infrastructure

     Strategies and policies for improving provision of social services and infrastructure


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