... to develop a critical mass of public sector managers for the efficient and effective management of the Nigerian economy through high quality training and research ...

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Apart from the main objective of training a critical mass of highly competent public officers, N.C.E.M.A. also undertakes in-depth research and consultancy services for the improvement of the quality and coverage of its courses and for policy analysis and advice to the government.

To this end, the Centre's research activities have grown tremendously. Apart from serving the government as a policy research laboratory by contributing inputs into public policy making, the research activities are also aimed at developing training materials and case studies for program delivery.

Some of these activities are:

Development of 31 case studies

Training needs and impact assessment surveys sponsored by the UNDP and ACBF

Community Vision of Development Sponsored by UNDP in which nine states of the federation were covered in 1996.

Study on Macroeconomic framework for Vision 2010, sponsored by UNDP in 1997

Study on costing of planned program and Targets of Vision 2010 Committee reports sponsored by the UNDP in 1997

Study on Situation Analysis of Women and Children in South Western states, sponsored by UNICEF in 1999.

The major output of the Centre's research activities have been an array of additions to the list of publications annually.  The publications, which also include production of training program report are in the form of books, monographs, Journal of Economic Management (JEM) and the NCEMA Policy Analysis Series (NPAS).

As stated earlier, prepares and submits to the federal government, policy memoranda in key areas of national economic management. Some of such memoranda submitted in the past are:

Policies and Programs in the Annual Federal Government Budget, 1994-2000.

Policies for Export Growth and Economic Development, 1994

Strategies for Revenue Mobilization and Management, 1994

Issues in Foreign Exchange Management 1995 and 1997.

Integrating Poverty Alleviation Strategies into the Development Plans of the National Economy, 1995.

Pre-Federal Budget Memorandum, 1996 - 2000


The Centre hopes to step up its research programs and to make them more policy-oriented and problem solving.

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