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NCEMA's training activities derive from its mandate as detailed in the enabling decree. This mandate entails designing and providing appropriate courses to meet the specific training needs and skills requirements of government and its various agencies. This is based on the need to have a responsive and result-oriented public service that will effectively and efficiently manage the Nigerian economy.

            The Centre's courses are meant, therefore, to develop and strengthen the analytical and technical skills mainly of public officers in the following broad areas:

                      Macroeconomic policy formulation, analysis and management

                      Sectoral policy design, analysis and management

                      Mobilization and management of resources for development

                      Public expenditure programming and management

                      Economic planning and budgeting

                      Project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

                      Data management

                      Quantitative techniques for macroeconomic analysis and management, project analysis and management, including the use of modern computing facilities.


In order to achieve its training objectives, the Centre's operational strategies comprise delivery of training courses, workshops and seminars with the aid of audio visual presentations, lectures, individual exercises, case studies, role playing, simulation and group projects. Training materials such as lecture papers, reading materials and books, computer facilities, etc., are provided for participants to maximize the benefits derivable from the courses. The Centre has well equipped computer laboratories and modern teaching aids to cater for its training and research activities. To complement this, the Centre has a well organized standard library that is stocked with current and relevant books and journals on different areas of economic management.

            The Centre's regular courses number about 53, out of which 33 were run in 1997, 36 in 1998, 40 in 1999 and 42 in 2000.  The list of the courses is presented in Section 4.2; the course schedule for 2001 is presented in Section 4.3.

            The regular courses are delivered to three different levels of public servants.  At the first level, public officers within salary grade levels 08-13 are exposed to training programmes which emphasize tools and techniques as well as computer applications.  Next to that are the workshops designed for senior public officials, usually within salary grade levels 14-16.  It is understood that at this more senior level, participants are usually more knowledgeable and experienced.  The workshops are, therefore, delivered through experience sharing, discussions, and simulation, in order to update participants' knowledge, sharpen their skills, and thus enable them contribute to issues in development management.  The duration of the training programmes and workshops generally ranges from two to four weeks.  The third level of the Centre's courses are seminars meant for top-level government functionaries, usually not below the rank of Director.


Such programmes are generally policy seminars of two to three days, and focus on topical issues on the Nigerian economy.


In addition to the regular courses, the Centre also designs and conducts, some tailor-made courses for clients in the areas of its mandate. Some of the tailor-made courses organised by the Centre are presented in Section 6.1.

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